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YA Fantasy

Ya fantasy

Like a mashup of Mrs. Doubtfire and Drag me to Hell, in DIABLERIE, a teenage boy learns the bargain he made with his elderly nanny on Halloween is actually a binding contract with his multi-level-marketing demon mother, who will claim custody of his soul if he fails to meet quota.

worldtorn series
book 2

If newly immortal Eva Clark can't prevent the Debriefing, her family, friends and boyfriend will forget about mortality—and her—entirely. But one uncompromising man's vendetta threatens her shot at a legal resolution, and her abilities may be no match for his.

Image by Joran Quinten
Image by Wilson Ye

worldtorn series
book 3

As Eva Clark's collection of evidence against the institution that exploited her entire generation grows increasingly damning, the threat to her life and loved ones becomes deadly. Exposing the institution will guarantee herself and her peers a futureif they can live that long.

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